Y11 GCSE Maths Paper 2 Practice Papers

Dear Year 11 students and parents,

Attached below are the predicted practice papers we promised to bring to you for your half term holidays. These will help towards your revision for GCSE Maths Paper 2 on Thursday 8th June at 9am.

There is a paper for you to print and complete, worked solutions and an examiner’s mark-scheme to help you self assess and narrow down your areas of weakness. This is a really good way to see how the method marks are allocated and how to show your workings to optimise your marks out of 80.

It is important that you appreciate that anything can come up on the second exam, so make sure you revise other parts of the course too. In other words, doing this exam paper is just a start to help you see what else you need to work on in more detail using My Maths, your books, past papers you’ve been given etc. The second of our revision workshops is on Wednesday 7th June period 3, 4 and 5 with you Maths teacher. We will be looking at topics that haven’t come up on paper 1 but also being aware that they could come up again.

The third workshop is on Monday 12th June for period 3, 4 and 5 in advance of your third and final paper on Tuesday 13th June at 9am. The feedback from our first workshop was very positive and we hope we can help best prepare you for the second and thid paper. Well done for your hard work and commitment so far.

All the very best with your half term revision!

Ms Devine and the Maths Team.

Thank you, Year 11

Thank you to my Year 11 students whose behaviour was superb today in school, it was lovely to be able to address you all in the leaver’s assembly and celebrate your success. Make the most of the sunshine and don’t forget to revise ready for a return to your exam sessions after the break. I hope you continue to work well in your revision and support sessions, knowing the staff are backing you all the way. Lots still to look forward to including the art exhibition and of course the prom. Well done and thanks to Mr Puttick for leading the day with the support of many staff. I am proud of you. Mrs Cook

UCAS information evening

Parents and carers of Year 12 students are invited to a UCAS information evening on Wednesday 14 June starting at 18.00 in the Downshire Theatre.  The aim of this evening is to talk through the UCAS process with a focus on course selections and personal statement writing. This will last for approximately one hour and will include an opportunity to discuss any questions you might have about applying to university.  Parents of Year 11 students are also invited to attend to hear about what students can do in Year 12 to make the application process easier next year.

If you wish to attend please email ben.stephenson@epschool.org by Wednesday 7 June.



Review of security

Due to the national increased threat level, we will expect police to routinely visit the school to reassure the community. We continue to maintain our door security system, lock gates as appropriate and maintain security patrols.  As parents are aware, the school uses CCTV cameras for the purpose of ensuring the safety of students and its staff, reducing and detecting crime (protecting resources and property) and deterring anti-social behaviour on our site.

The recent increase in threat level means that staff patrolling the site and responding to incidents may wear body cams to record activities during evening duties and at the end of the day.  Images obtained from CCTV recordings will not be used for any commercial purpose. Recordings will not be released to the media for entertainment purposes but may be shared with police and other agencies to help with the detection of any crime with the permission of the Headteacher. Clear signage indicating CCTV is in operation is displayed in a prominent place. Students should continue to report any concerns they have to staff.

Thank you for your understanding.

Blazer stand down day

Due to the expected temperature today and tomorrow, we have designated them as ‘blazer stand down’ days. This means that students will not be expected to have their blazers with them in school. They should not bring an alternative to their blazer; hoodies, sweatshirts and jackets are not an acceptable replacement and students should continue to wear their blazer if they wish to have another layer over their shirt or polo shirt.

The exception to this is Y11 who will need to wear their blazers for their final assembly tomorrow.

Blazers will be expected to be worn again on the Monday after half term and we will review the situation daily throughout the summer term.

In memory

In line with the government, we will hold a minute’s silence at 11 am today to remember the victims of the Manchester bomb attack.

Should your child wish to talk about what happened, we have posted some advice lower down on this page which you may find helpful.

Talking about terrorism: tips for parents

Children are exposed to the news in many ways, and what they see can worry them. Our advice can help you have a conversation with your child:

    • listen carefully to a child’s fears and worries
    • offer reassurance and comfort
    • avoid complicated and worrying explanations that could be frightening and confusing
    • help them find advice and support to understand distressing events and feelings
    • children can always contact Childline free and confidentially on the phone and online.

It’s also important to address bullying and abuse following the terrorist attacks.

  • Some children may feel targeted because of their faith or appearance
    Look for signs of bullying, and make sure that they know they can talk with you about it. Often children might feel scared or embarrassed, so reassure them it’s not their fault that this is happening, and that they can always talk to you or another adult they trust. Alert us at school so we are aware of the issue.
  • Dealing with offensive or unkind comments about a child’s faith or background
    If you think this is happening, it’s important to intervene. Calmly explain that comments like this are not acceptable. Your child should also understand that someone’s beliefs do not make them a terrorist. Explain that most people are as scared and hurt by the attacks as your child is. You could ask them how they think the other child felt, or ask them how they felt when someone said something unkind to them. Explain what you will do next, such as telling the pastoral staff at EPCS and what you expect them to do.