The ‘Bag to School’ fundraiser makes £172!

DSCN0159What a fantastic way to start our week – the ‘Bag to School’ organisation collected all of your donations at 9am this morning, and by 9.20 they had given us a cheque to show that the weight of the donations equated to £172.68. The organisation told us that our large collection was ‘a superb turn out for a secondary school’ and that we should all feel really proud of what has been achieved. DSCN0162


Every pair of trainers, old school shoes, the jumpers and the old trousers that you kindly donated, contributed to the grand total and now we have a little more money to spend on key areas of the school or replenishing student equipment. Our Parent Governor, Helen Harker, came to help with the collection as ‘Bag to School’ was Helen’s idea. Here are some photographs to show just how generous you all have been. THANK YOU!

Y11 Geography Field Trip – Day 3 Update!

Today, we investigated the profile of the Ogmore river and collected data for our forthcoming controlled assessments. This involved measuring a range of factors including discharge, width, depth, wet perimeter and bedload at different points from the source to the mouth of the river. Much fun was had wading to collect measurements as the river became progressively deeper as we moved down stream! We returned to the centre, had curry for dinner and celebrated Juan’s 16th birthday with chocolate cake! Tomorrow, before leaving the centre, we are working in the classroom, processing our results and starting to organise our data in preparation for writing up. We should be back at school by 4pm!

IMGP8266 IMGP8267

Welcome to Destiny evening – tonight.

Parents of Y9 students are invited to attend our Welcome to Destiny evening, 6:30 – 7:30pm tonight in the Downshire Theatre. Mr Payne, the Head of Year, will be discussing the expectations of GCSE and BTEC courses and helping parents to know how best to support their child through the examination years.

Year 7 – Meet the Tutor Evening Thursday 22 September 18:30-19:30

As part of our Transition Programme Y7 parents are invited to our ‘Introduction to Discovery evening’ on Thursday 22 September 2016 from 18:30-19:30

The evening will start in the theatre with a short presentation by Mr Lake, the Head Boy and Head Girl and student representatives. After the presentation you will be taken to your child’s tutor base where your child’s tutor will discuss various aspects of our school.

This is an invaluable opportunity for you to understand how our different systems work so you feel able and confident to support your child on their new school journey.

There will also be an invaluable opportunity to meet your child’s tutor: they play a vital role at EPCS and will be your main point of contact for the rest of the year.

The school uses an intuitive and easy to use online event booking system that reduces the need for paper reply slips.

Please visit to book your virtual ticket or click on the link on the school’s website home page. Login with the following information:

Student’s First Name:

Student’s Surname:

Date of Birth *Please ensure you input the date of birth as dd/mm/yyyy the system will not recognise the 2 digit year format.

If you do not have access to the internet, please contact Mrs Woodgate on 01344 390837 who will be happy to help.

Y11 Geography Field Trip – Day 2 Update!

On Day 2 of our Geography field trip, our Y11 Geographers have been investigating coastal management on the Glamorgan coast. We have been conducting a cost benefit analysis of different types of sea defences, and also measuring the gradient of the beach profile. In total, we have walked about 9 miles – up hills and down valleys! Back in the classroom following fish and chips for tea, we have been devising our hypotheses for our controlled assessments, investigating the changing profile of the River Ogmore. Tomorrow, we are going to collect our data!

IMGP8026 IMGP8090 IMGP8102

Path Hill Outdoors trip – 30th September, Y8 and Y9

Our first annual Criss-Cross day is fast approaching on September 30th and as usual we have lots of exciting activities both in and out of school planned. Each year group is given the opportunity to experience a specific learning activity off site at one point in the year. This time, the option of a trip is open to Y8 and Y9 students.

Path Hill Outdoors offer a survival style trip in the woodlands. The letter for the trip can be found here and the medical form (OHA2) here.

The trip aims to teach students teamwork, communication and survival skills. There are competitions and lots of prizes to be won! Students can dress in active gear for the day and will not be required to wear school uniform on this trip. For those students who are unable to attend, an alternative activity will be hosted by the school, however it is important to know that this trip complements some of the Science GCSE course and should be of direct benefit to students, helping them to grasp the basics of starting a fire, building a shelter, cooking and water purifying.

Y11 Geography Field Trip Live Update!

IMGP7982Our Y11 students are having fun and working hard on their geography field trip in South Wales this week. Yesterday, we braved the rain to explore the geographical features of Margam Park, measuring the width, depth, discharge level and bedload of the river near Furzemill Pond. Today, the sun is shining and we are shortly heading out to consider coastal management. Find below some photos to give you a taster of what we have been up to!

IMGP8016 IMGP8000 IMGP7995


Google Expedition comes to EPCS

Today the students had the opportunity to experience immersive learning.  Students were given a VR headset to use, controlled by the class teacher using a tablet.  Curricula expeditions were played out with students viewing materials and answering questions posed by teachers.  Some of the highlights included year 10 students visiting Google HQ in the USA and experiencing the Wild West.  Some year 8 students looked at the impact of climate change in different countries and the digestive system!  Staff received training from a Google trainer before leading sessions.  Student feedback was overwhelmingly positive “It brought the topic to life”, “This was a different type of learning”, “This will help me to understand my coursework topic better”.

Thanks to Google for supporting the day.


‘Bag to School’

We are very excited about the potential of the Bag to School project we are running. All students have been informed of our project – to bring clothes, paired shoes, toys and handbags that are no longer wanted to school to donate. The items are then weighed, earning the school money! This money will be put into resources for the students, or, depending on how much we accumulate, could go towards a potential ‘TLC day’ giving an area of the school a bit of a face lift! We would really value your contributions – the school is accepting donations until Monday 23rd September when the company will come and collect.

Every little helps! All items can be dropped off at reception in regular bin liners, although students have had the opportunity to grab a bag from us too!

What an Open Evening!

Last night we had a busy open evening and it was lovely to welcome all the parents, carers and prospective students who came to tour our site and share in a celebration of our students’ hard work.




Staff put on a fabulous range of activities for our prospective students to try out; and our caterers were very popular with their samples of food to try!

Some of our PA students  provided music around the site, singing a range of songs to show off their talents, or performing very energetic dance routines despite the sweltering heat. One of our ex-students even returned to the Maths department before heading off to university, dressing as a dinosaur to help students complete the maths footprint challenge!

IMG_8733 IMG_8747

If you missed out on the evening but are interested in finding out about our school, please contact our reception on 01344 304567 to secure a morning tour. We will be running morning tours every day until 29th September from 9am. Alternatively, if you cannot make a 9am start, please get in touch with Lisa Thornton who will do her best to accommodate an alternative date and time to show you around:

We do issue our prospectus on our tours, but if you’d like to request a copy to be posted out to you, please just get in touch!



‘The evening was great. Teachers and students did a fantastic job!’

‘Fantastic evening, we have a very excited little lady who (hopefully) will be joining here next year!’

‘Great to see so many families’

‘We were extremely impressed. Our daughter fell in love with your school and begged to go back!’