Headteacher's Update

As we approach the first half-term of the academic year I can report to parents it has been a very busy but productive period.  I would like to personally thank all students who volunteered their time to show visitors around the school either on Open Evening or on the “see the school in session” days we have run over the last few weeks.  Many of the visitors commented on and have been impressed by how smart our students look in their uniform, the politeness of our student hosts and the purposeful working environment they saw in classrooms across the school.  This is positive feedback and I believe demonstrates that we are making progress towards our goal to secure from all students the expectation that they are on task and displaying positive attitudes to learning as routine.  I would like to thank everyone: catering, site, cleaning staff, our admin and reprographics department, our governors, teaching and support staff for ensuring everything went well and for this support I am very grateful.

Key Stage 4 Information Evening – for all parents and carers of Y9 students.

6 – 8pm on Thursday 20th November in the Downshire Theatre

The evening will start with a brief presentation to outline the process and the choices available to students. You will be given the Key Stage 4 Programme of Study booklet which has more detailed information about each subject delivered at the school and your child’s ‘Key Stage 4 Study Programme subject choices’ form. Following this you will be able to discuss what is covered within each subject with a representative from the department as well as seek general advice from staff at the school.

School Review Week

During the week beginning Monday 10th November we are conducting our first School Review Week this year; this is something that we do every term as part of our improvement plan. During this week your child may notice some visitors to their lessons, some of whom they will recognise as other teachers in the school and some of whom will be advisers from the Local Authority. Some students will be asked to hand in all their exercise books and folders so that we can have a look at the quality of the work they are completing in a range of lessons.

We are again asking parents to complete a short survey so that we can track how they feel about the school and the improvements we are making. You can access this survey from this link and it will be available between 3rd-14th November.