A level and GCSE results collection

Just a reminder that results are available for collection in the Downshire Theatre at the following times:

A level and AS level – Thursday 17th August 9-10 am

GCSE – Thursday 24th August 9-10 am

Please remember that nobody else is able to pick up your results without signed written approval from you.

End of year reports

Years  7, 8, 9 and 10  Progress 3 reports are available on the SLG now. All parents/carers have been given a username and a password to access the site.

If you need support, please contact Mrs Goodchild on june.goodchild@epschool.org

Request from our Local Community Police Team

Police have been made aware of a photograph of a local male (Great Hollands) that is being circulated on Facebook and has a caption accusing him of being a Paedophile. This man and his family have also become the target of criminal damage and threatening behaviour by local youths and parents. The Police have looked into this and there are no concerns regarding this man and it has been established that he is, in fact, himself vulnerable. The Police would like to remind our communities that if you have concerns about an individual that the appropriate course of action is to contact the Police and not to take matters into your own hands. Damage and violence will not be tolerated and if the persons responsible for targeting this family are identified then they will be spoken to. As parents, it is important that you teach your children the appropriate way to deal with issues and who to contact for help and it your responsibility to set a good example for them.

Ex Head Girl success

Congratulation to ex-head girl Hollie who celebrated the end of her first year of studying Law at Kent University by receiving an award for the best performing student in her courses.

Hollie said, “Thank you to the school and especially Mrs Ayliffe and everything she did, as my writing skills are a key part of helping me to achieve and setting me up to do this well!”


We are very proud of Hollie and it is great to see our alumni doing so well.

Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award Expedition

Congratulations to our EPCS6 Duke of Edinburgh team who have all passed their final assessment.
A few weeks ago our expedition team completed their practice expedition in the beautiful hills around Newbury. They battled 30-degree heat, nettle stings and hay fever and camped over night cooking their own meal outdoors, a first for most! This set them up well to pass their final expedition this weekend in the South Downs.
A huge thank you to Mrs Stevinson and Miss Murphy for accompanying them and well done in particular to Chloe (Year 12) who had to head straight into London after the expedition to start a week of work experience with KPMG!

EPCS students win (again!) at Berkshire STEM event

On Thursday 13th July a group of  year 8/9 high achieving students took part (for the third consecutive year) in the Berkshire Science and Technology Challenge event hosted by Bracknell and Wokingham College.

During the day students had great fun working with students from other local schools on a variety of STEM challenges:

E-Fit Challenge: using the latest computer software students generated an E-Fit image of a “criminal”.

Medical Diagnostics: students performed a series of tests to diagnose the fictitious Mrs Button’s “illness” including a urine (apple juice!) test and pupillary light reflex test. 

Our students were also amazed to learn about how prosthetic limbs operate using electrical impulses from the brain and we were very proud of Chloe for volunteering to be wired up!




Robot Challenge: who can program the robot to navigate a series of obstacles?

Vehicle Challenge: work together as a team to build and race a model motorised vehicle.


Prizes were awarded by a guest speaker, HM Lord Lieutenant of Berkshire, Mr James Puxley.

Alfie Budd and Eleanor Griffith won the E-Fit Challenge and Jasleen Kaur along with two students from Sandhurst school won the overall prize and are through to the South of England Final at King’s College, London later this year.

This is the second time that we have got through to the finals of this event – watch this space to see how well we do in the final.

Well done to everyone who took part.


Personal Statement advice workshop

Members of the Sixth Form interested in applying to Oxbridge visited Wellington College last week to attend a workshop lead by Nelli Chamings of Oxford University, looking at personal statement writing and ensuring that students knew how to promote their academic abilities. The students gained a lot from this experience and are now busily applying all they learnt to their own statements.

Bushcraft legends!

In June, 50 of our students along with 5 highly trained staff spent 3 days and 2 nights surviving in the forest. The experience was unforgettable and the students were simply amazing. This was an unforgettable trip with many amazing memories for all!


Bushcraft  by Jack, Year 8

My experience was one of my favourite memories of my life. Bushcraft taught me life skills. We got involved in all the activities that were offered and enjoyed them all!

Bushcraft was  a life changing experience and I would definitely do it again if I could. There was never a time when I was bored or didn’t take part in an activity. It was an opportunity I will never forget, and I know I have learnt great survival skills.

The food was amazing even though I wasn’t keen I still tried and loved it! My top favourite moments are hard to choose because everything was  so enjoyable, but number one was Tribes Got Talent. It was hilarious, my friends and I carried out a comedy scene from Dirty Dancing.

I would like to thank all the camp leaders and a huge thank you to Mr Lake and the other teachers for giving us an awesome opportunity!