Cashless Catering Daily Limit

Dear Parents / Carers

Please be advised that there is an automatic £5 daily limit applied to your child's biometric catering account used for the purchase of their food and drink. This limit applies across both break and lunch collectively.

I thank the parent who has brought it to my attention that this may not necessarily be known to all parents and therefore I am communicating the information to you.

Water Issues in Bracknell Area

Parents may be aware of issues related to the provision of water in Bracknell. Work is ongoing to sort this out and, up to now, there has been no impact on EPCS but I am aware that during this evening or overnight the position of the school may change. If this is the case and we are unable to flush toilets or ensure supplies of water are available then I will have to make a decision on whether the site can open. I will make you aware of any closure or reduced opening via the website. In the meantime, please assume we are opening as normal.


Students Help at Lunch Clubs

Some of our Sixth Form students have been volunteering to help with the lunch club at the sheltered scheme at Farningham House. They have taken part in the work experience organised by Learning to Work and Bracknell Forest Homes to help young people gain valuable work experience and interact with a different generation.

University of Surrey physics trip

In March, a group of 10 year 10 girls had the opportunity to visit the Physics Department at the University of Surrey.  They participated in a Women in Physics day, where they had the chance to speak in detail with women who are actively working in the world of physics and engineering.  The girls we took discussed with the other participants the issues surrounding women in physics, and took part in some laboratory activities looking at what it would be like if they were to study physics at University.  They had a fantastic day, and have come back to the school to be Ambassadors of Women in

Rollercoaster physics workshop

On April Fool’s day this year, our year 9 and 10 students showed off how much they know about the physics of rollercoasters in a special Rollercoaster Physics Workshop run by some friendly staff from the University of Surrey. One year 10 class, and one year 9 class were lucky enough to have a visiting physicist and a visiting engineer talk them through the process of designing and building a working rollercoaster, taking into account some of the mathematical details they would need to consider if they were the architects.