CAKE SALE on Friday!

Please bring along small change in order to purchase cakes, cookies and brownies from students raising funds for their expedition to Kenya in 2020.
We have eight Y10/11 students who are fundraising to travel with Camps International to Kenya to support local projects so please help them to make a good start and enjoy some Friday goodies!

Be road aware – no jaywalking

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Dear all it has been brought to my attention that some students are not paying attention when crossing the roads away from the school site particularly around Beedon Drive and jaywalking. Please speak to your child about the need to be mindful of road users within the local area and to think about the impact their actions have on others. It is disappointing when residents phone in to complain about issues that could be easily resolved if we all took the time to consider the needs of others. #CommunityValues

National Coming Out Day at EPCS

We are very proud of our students for promoting National Coming Out Day!
Thank you to Mrs Temperton who dropped in to see the work the students have been doing and be photographed with our ‘wings.’
Thank you to Ms Osborne and Ms Kelly in particular for their support of the students.
Jodie, your cakes were awesome! Mrs Cook

Bike It Crew remind students about safety

Continuing to work hard in order to raise the profile of environmentally friendly travel, our Bike It Crew took to the stage today to speak to our Year 7 cohort.

Some of our Bike It Crew members are now into their fourth year of work on our school travel plan, completing the necessary actions for our school to reach a Gold level Sustrans award by the end of this academic year.

As part of their assembly, they reminded students of safety on the roads, particularly as the dark nights draw nearer – asking students to be vigilant, to wear bright clothing and safety gear. Students were awarded for their knowledge of safety with sweet treats and a quiz!

If more students are interested in joining, please do go to a Bike It meeting in the Dining Hall during PREP on a Friday to find out how you can support the whole school movement.

I write to notify you of arrangements for the final day of this half term, Friday 19th October. Due to a requirement for all staff at Easthampstead Park Community School to complete mandatory safeguarding training, the school day will finish early at 1.00pm.
Students will attend lessons 1-3 as normal. Break time will be extended by 10 mins to allow all students eligible for a free school meal, or who wish to buy food to do so. At the end of Period 3, students will register with their tutor before being dismissed.
If you wish for you child to remain at school until the end of the school day, arrangements have been put in place for them to be supervised completing homework or getting on with independent study in the school library. If you wish for your child to stay at school until our normal finish time at 3.10, please notify us by emailing
Term 2 begins on Tuesday 30th October at 8.40am.
Many thanks for your support,
Matt Hall
Deputy Headteacher

Camps International are hosting their parent event this evening from 6:30pm-8pm in the Downshire Theatre. This information applies to all students and their parents in Years 10, 11 and 12 who may be interested in going to Kenya over the summer of 2020.
If you didn’t manage to get the reply slip returned to us in time, please feel free to still pop along for more information!

Updated school behaviour and discipline policy

The school governors have recently reviewed this policy and provided new guidance for parents on exclusions. Both documents can be viewed on the school’s website selecting information > Policies

Parents will be contacted regarding the school’s rules and expectations regarding mobile phone use and the homeschool agreement. Please support the school by making sure you are familiar with rules that apply in school and that your child understands the role they must play in keeping good order and a focus on learning.

Due to GDPR regulations, students will be asked to consent to provide information (applies from 13 and Over) for use in the school for example student timetables, displays etc. Students should notice no change but we are expected to seek permission. Further information can be accessed using the link provided.

Liz Cook

Help me to keep students safe!

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Please, can I appeal to parents to not drop your child outside the front of school reception unless they have a disability? I have appealed before to ask you not to drop off or pick up on the roundabout and in the car park next to the pavilion. (With some making a speedy turnaround before exiting the car park which has resulted in a near miss incident this week)

This week I have received over four complaints from people reporting near misses or reports from people using the site without regard for others. The signage is in place and really clear. Please, can I ask you all to think about the needs of all the children not just your own? We do not have the money to put in additional electronic gates and I, therefore, rely on you all to do the right thing for the benefit of all within the community.

If you are asked to move on please do not be rude to the staff they are simply doing as they are expected to which is to try and maintain a safe environment for all when exiting and arriving at the site. Thank you

Liz Cook