Year 8 Parents Evening, 7-11-18

I would like to invite you to attend our Parents’ Evening in the PA Building on Wednesday 7th November 2018. Attendance by students and parents on this evening is always an excellent opportunity to get to speak to all the subject teachers and get a real insight into how well your child is progressing. This is a particularly vital opportunity to speak to subject teachers before students choose their GCSE Options later on in the academic year.  It will allow you to have a discussion with subject teachers about the suitability of picking the subject for GCSE.

The school uses an intuitive and easy to use online appointment booking system. This allows you to choose your own appointment times with teachers and you will receive an email confirming your appointments.

The system is now open for bookings and will close at 11am on Wednesday 7th November 2018. Please print and bring the emailed appointment sheet with you on the night or alternatively use your mobile phone device to access this information. Should you wish to make any changes after this date please contact the school office.

Please visit to book your appointments or click on the link on the school’s website home page.

Mrs Fear

DEAR week is next week!

DEAR (Drop Everything And Read) week starts next week on Monday 5th November. All week, students will be expected to stop whatever they are doing at 12:30pm in order to complete 25 minutes of a reading activity.

  • Students might be asked to read independently
  • The teacher may read something with the class as a whole
  • Students may be given non-fiction material, such as newspapers or articles relating to their course to read through in order to extend their knowledge.
  • Students may be asked to read exemplar essays / model answers

As we know, wider reading of a subject is essential for supporting both high achievement and in making sense of the learning that has taken place.

Students should ensure that they are equipped for learning and have brought a reading book to school each day.

Thank you in advance for your support,

Mrs Thornton and Miss Hobbs


PE House Competition Results – Term 1!

Before we broke up for October half term our Year 7’s and Year 8’s competed in their first PE House events of the year. We had three events happening during the week: boys football, girls football and a mixed handball tournament. The students represented their House and their tutor groups, with the winning teams in all the events receiving medals. The events ran smoothly, with all involved supporting one another and enjoying the competition. The next events will take place in December.
Please see below for the results from the House competitions:
Year 8 Boys Football
1st – 8D4 Wildmoor
2nd – 8D1 Englemere
3rd – 8D5 Caesar
4th – 8D3 Wildmoor
5th – 8D2 Swinley
Year 8 Girls Football
1st – 8D3 (won on number of corners achieved over the tournament) Wildmoor
2nd – 8D4 (finished on equal points as 8D3 – but had to do count back on corners – had same goal difference as 8D3) Wildmoor
3rd – 8D5 Caesar
4th – 8D2 Swinley
5th – 8D1 Englemere
Year 8 Mixed Handball
1st – 8D3 Wildmoor
2nd – 8D2 Swinley
3rd – = 8D5 Caesar and 8D1 Englemere
4th – 8D4 Wildmoor
Overall House Winner – Wildmoor
Year 7 Boys Football
1st – 7D3 Wildmoor
2nd – 7D5 Caesar
3rd – 7D4 Wildmoor
4th – 7D6 Caesar
5th – 7D1 Englemere
6th – 7D2 Swinley
Year 7 Girls Football
1st – 7D1 Englemere
2nd – = 7D2 Swinley and 7D3 Wildmoor
3rd – 7D5 Caesar
4th – 7D4 Wildmoor
5th – 7D6 Caesar
Year 7 Mixed Handball
1st – 7D1 Englemere
2nd – 7D5 Caesar
3rd – 7D3 Wildmoor
4th – = 7D4 Wildmoor and 7D6 Caesar
5th – 7D2 Swinley
Overall House Winner – Englemere

CAKE SALE on Friday!

Please bring along small change in order to purchase cakes, cookies and brownies from students raising funds for their expedition to Kenya in 2020.
We have eight Y10/11 students who are fundraising to travel with Camps International to Kenya to support local projects so please help them to make a good start and enjoy some Friday goodies!

Be road aware – no jaywalking

Image result for keep children away from traffic

Dear all it has been brought to my attention that some students are not paying attention when crossing the roads away from the school site particularly around Beedon Drive and jaywalking. Please speak to your child about the need to be mindful of road users within the local area and to think about the impact their actions have on others. It is disappointing when residents phone in to complain about issues that could be easily resolved if we all took the time to consider the needs of others. #CommunityValues

National Coming Out Day at EPCS

We are very proud of our students for promoting National Coming Out Day!
Thank you to Mrs Temperton who dropped in to see the work the students have been doing and be photographed with our ‘wings.’
Thank you to Ms Osborne and Ms Kelly in particular for their support of the students.
Jodie, your cakes were awesome! Mrs Cook

Bike It Crew remind students about safety

Continuing to work hard in order to raise the profile of environmentally friendly travel, our Bike It Crew took to the stage today to speak to our Year 7 cohort.

Some of our Bike It Crew members are now into their fourth year of work on our school travel plan, completing the necessary actions for our school to reach a Gold level Sustrans award by the end of this academic year.

As part of their assembly, they reminded students of safety on the roads, particularly as the dark nights draw nearer – asking students to be vigilant, to wear bright clothing and safety gear. Students were awarded for their knowledge of safety with sweet treats and a quiz!

If more students are interested in joining, please do go to a Bike It meeting in the Dining Hall during PREP on a Friday to find out how you can support the whole school movement.