Congratulations Year 11!

Congratulations to our fantastic Year 11 students on their excellent GCSE results. As students opened their results envelopes this morning, there was a palpable excitement in the air! A significant number of teachers and parents were also present to support the students and to celebrate their achievements with them.

We are pleased that the hard work of this year group has born fruit; they have much to be proud of, and these results will provide them with an excellent grounding for the future.

There were many notable individual performances including:

  • Jack Davies, who achieved 9 GCSEs at Grades A-A* (or equivalent).
  • Zoe Woods, who achieved 8 GCSEs at Grades A-A* and 1 at Grade B (or equivalent).
  • Emma Pearson, who achieved 6 GCSEs at Grades A-A* and 3 GCSEs at Grade B (or equivalent).    
  • Eloise Scutt, who achieved 6 GCSEs at Grades A-A* and 2 at Grade B (or equivalent).

The results of the Class of 2018 represent a fantastic year for the school, with a whopping 40% of students achieved at least 1 GCSE at Grades A-A* or equivalent. Students performed strongly in the core subjects, with over 50% achieving a standard pass or higher in both English and Maths. 17% of students achieved a Grade 7-9 in English.

Strong results were achieved in a number of subjects, with 100% of students obtaining Level 2 passes in D/T Food, PE and Performing Arts. 71% of all entries for Performing Arts achieved Distinctions or Distinction Stars, equivalent to GCSE A/A*. Elsewhere in the curriculum, students also thrived. Of particular noteworthiness was students performance in Photography, Art, Media and Music, the latter of which saw 64% of students obtaining the top grades.

We are also thrilled with the performance of our students in Computer Science, a subject that has received much press about the academic rigour required to succeed. 40% of students in Computer Science achieved GCSE Grades 7-9, a fantastic result!

At EPCS, we believe education is about far more than just excellent academic outcomes and we are proud of our students for the effort they put in to support their studies. Not everyone will get the top grades but the Class of 2018 leave us as confident and thoughtful individuals, intellectually curious, ready for whatever opportunities and challenges the future throws at them. They are a fantastic bunch of young people and our community should be proud of them.  I look forward to seeing the majority of them back in September, as they embark on the next stage in their journey at EPCS6, and working with them as they begin applying for universities and apprenticeships with top companies.

A huge thank you to all of the teaching staff for their unswerving hard work and effort with this year group, and also to the parents of these students for their continued support.

Mrs L Cook



I am once again delighted to see the hard work of our Year 13 students rewarded with another set of impressive A Level results here at Easthampstead Park Community School. There has been a lovely atmosphere on results day with all of our students being accepted onto their courses at universities and apprenticeships. Many students also excelled in the EPQ (Extended Project Qualification), setting them up well for further study at university, or the world of work. Our students have made exceptional progress and many have exceeded the challenging targets based on their GCSE results two years ago. Thank you to the many staff who came in to share the good news with students and pass on their personal congratulations.

There are many students who have exceeded their personal expectations and achieved amazing individual results, including:

  • Dan Rose who gained an A* in the Extended Project Qualifications, A grades in Chemistry and Maths and a B grade in Biology.
  • Sunny Sunuwar who gained A grades in Maths and Further Maths and a B grade in Physics.
  • Chloe Norton who gained an A* grade in the Extended Project Qualification, an A grade in Psychology and B grades in Biology and Maths.
  • Amber Matthews who gained Distinction Stars in Dance and Music alongside a B in the Extended Project.
  • Hayley Eastabrook who gained an A* in Fine Art and an A grade in Photography.
  • Jade Peters who gained an A* in Photography and an A grade in Media Studies.

With an outstanding set of results behind them, our Year 13 students now embark upon the next stage in their life journey, some following their dreams studying degrees at university, others taking up prestigious apprenticeships.

  • Dan Rose will be reading Medicine at Southampton University.
  • Sunny Sunuwar will be reading Accounting and Finance at Bath University.
  • Chloe Norton is starting an apprenticeship with KPMG.
  • Leah Hanlon is starting an apprenticeship at Deloitte.
  • Beth Barker has gained an apprenticeship in mental health nursing at Broadmoor Hospital.  


Throughout this year the students have acted as exemplary role models and mentors leaving a legacy of hard work, endeavour, leadership and community spirit for future EPCS6 students; they will be greatly missed.  I would also like to thank the sixth form teachers and tutors who have provided the students with unwavering support and guidance through their two-year sixth form journey.


I wish all of our Year 13 students, on behalf of our whole community, successful and happy futures. Do remember to drop us a line, or come back and visit us in school – I look forward to hearing about your future successes beyond EP.


Mrs L Cook





Have a great summer everyone

Thank you to our community for your support in what has proved to be another busy year. All parents will receive a letter from their Head of Year and start-up arrangments for our return have been shared. Please, can I ask parents to take the time to read the expectations regarding behaviour and uniform so we return in September with everyone clear about our rules and their responsibilities and in the correct attire.

We said goodbye to a number of our staff this year who are long serving and I would like to publicly recognise their achievements and support of the school.

Ann Mullet leaves us in her role as Attendance and Behaviour Officer to support her family business. Ann has completed 16 years of service to the school in a number of roles. Her knowledge and skill set will be hard to replace and she goes with our best wishes and thanks for a role well done.

June Goodchild leaves us after 43 years of service to the school as a teacher, librarian, curriculum manager and examinations officer. She has been part of the school’s history and development; her impact on students past and present is noteworthy and her contribution is huge. June will complete her last oversight of exams this summer and the many thousands of scripts she has managed and students exam arrangments and entries made are frankly too great to even contemplate. She will be a tough act to follow.

Both colleagues were recognised by the schools governing Body who provided a suitable gift and joined the celebrations with staff.

I would like to thank staff and students, staff for the care and dedication with which you do your roles and the additional extra you add in support of the children who attend EPCS. Students for the many positives you bring, your investment in your own learning and your friendship and support of each other. On our best days we are the greatest show and sometimes on our worst, we need the full support of the pastoral team in school. My thanks go to the learning support and raising standards teams including welfare who do much to ensure that wrongs are put right and that students receive the level of care possible. Finally, the behind the scenes staff who provide the excellent food, ensure communications finance and administration is there when we need it, in addition to our photocopying and the site and cleaning staff who do their best to maintain our school environment. You are all fantastic and fully invested in the school and what we are trying to offer.

You make EPCS the school it is

Have a great summer we will see you all in September,

Liz cook and the SLT at EPCS.



Student Librarians receive book prizes!

Mrs Cook awarded our Student Librarians book prizes to reward them for all of their hard work and dedication this year. Our Student Librarians go through a training programme and give up their break and lunchtimes to support library staff. They are a fantastic team who support each other very well and we greatly appreciate the work they do. Thank you and well done!

Students from our Bike It Crew have been working towards the Silver Sustrans Award all year, sharing information on the importance of cycling proficiency, cycle maintenance and reducing your carbon footprint. For the past three years, students have shared this message in a variety of ways: through assemblies, workshops, Dr Bike sessions, criss cross days and tutor time activities to name a few. Now they have ventured out into the community to share their work!

Students prepared some ice breaker activities for the Year 5 students, before then creating a carousel of 3 activities: route mapping, the M check and debating road rules. Despite our student’s nerves, they planned and led the entire session, confidently answering questions and working together to support one another in their delivery. The Year 5 students were a pleasure to work with and our Bike It Crew can’t wait to plan another visit next year!

A huge thank you to Wooden Hill Primary School and Mrs Critchlow, the Deputy Headteacher, for supporting our students, and thank you to Ms Swift, Mrs Wise and Mr Stephenson for all of their work with the Bike It Crew in the final weeks to bring everything together.

If any other local primary schools would like to work with us – please do get in touch!

Senior Prefects are announced for 2018-2019!

We are pleased to announce our next cohort of senior (KS4) prefects! On completion of a day of work experience, supporting our school community alongside their usual commitment to their lessons, these students have shown themselves to be truly worthy of ‘prefect’ status. Working in pairs, these students have had to complete tasks to demonstrate their leadership qualities; a high level of organisation; resilience; initiative and strong communication. They succeeded in showcasing every single skill and now have substantive evidence to support the writing of their CVs in Year 10. I hope every student elected as a prefect will undertake their duties responsibly and continue to demonstrate EP values every single day, both in the classroom and beyond. We are incredibly proud of these students. A huge well done and congratulations! We look forward to working with you in this new role in September!

On Tuesday 17th July Years 8 & 9 spent their Criss-Cross Day working across several departments on the theme of “Hamilton, an American Musical”. Students were on a carousel between Dance, Drama, Music, Design & Technology, Humanities and Media. In Performing Arts they had the opportunity to learn performance work from the hip-hop musical which is set during the American War for Independence, learning the history of the key battles and the social geography of immigration in Humanities. In Media the students designed poster campaigns for the musical and created set, costume and makeup designs in D&T. ​​​​
The students took part in a “show and tell” assembly during PREP at the end of the day and showcased their best work. All staff involved in sessions were really impressed with their creativity and enthusiasm, well done to Year 8 & 9 on another successful cross-curricular day!
Mrs C Stevenson, Head of Performing Arts

Year 9 MFL students welcome visiting teacher from Leverkusen

Year 9 German students were very excited today to welcome a visiting teacher from Bracknell’s twin town in Germany.

Miss Folde who teaches English at a secondary school in Leverkusen, was delighted to be able to spend the day with our students and gain an insight into the British school system.

In the afternoon Miss Lees’ Year 9 German class showcased their film projects about life at EPCS and then had the opportunity to ask Miss Folde questions in German.

Miss Folde thoroughly enjoyed her day and was extremely complimentary about the school, facilities and our students.

We look forward to continuing our partnership with Leverkusen and hope to be able to take a group of students to Leverkusen soon!