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Being a Governor:  A parent’s view

Two years ago I was asked if I would consider being a governor.  My initial thoughts were, “What can I offer?” and then, “What do the governors do?”  

There are 16 governors at EPCS and our role is to be a ‘critical friend’, a point of accountability and support for the leaders of the school.  We do things like check up on progress, help with bids for funding, support the leaders where possible, but also challenge and ask awkward questions where something is not right.  

Each governor brings their own skills, experience and knowledge to the table, whether that is the unique insight from being a parent or maybe some business or education experience.  We all meet together once or twice a term, but we also have the opportunity to focus on particular areas of interest, such as staffing, support for students e.g. special needs, finance or the learning and progress that is made in the school. To some extent the role is what you make it.

When my children moved on from primary school I found that, not being in the playground every day, meant that I was much more disconnected from school.  I’ve now discovered that being a governor is an excellent way of getting to know the school, get involved and really help out.

If you’d like to learn more about being a governor, please contact the Clerk to the Governors on

We currently have vacancies so would be delighted to hear from you!

Helen Harker

Parent Governor