Discovery School (Y7-8)

Self-guided study

Literacy and numeracy

In Year 7 and Year 8, home learning at EPCS focuses on the basics of literacy and numeracy. Every student is expected to complete a minimum of two hours a week on My Maths and their progress will be monitored by their Maths teacher. They will also be expected to read for a minimum of two hours a week and we look to parental support, through encouraging them to read a range of texts and through modelling the enjoyment of regular reading. A reading list to support parents with helping their child to select good texts to read can be found here.

Exam/Assessment revision

Revision for assessments in all subjects throughout the year and especially for the end of year exams is compulsory and students are expected to complete this when it is set. This may be for a half term or end of unit test or the learning of key words or definitions on a more regular basis (for example in Languages).

Enrichment projects

All subjects offer half termly home learning projects which are designed to stimulate creativity and engagement in learning. These projects are posted on this webpage and also shared with students through Google Classroom. Students are strongly encouraged to complete these enrichment projects and are rewarded if they do so. Find links to the enrichment projects for different subjects below.


Students will be expected to complete any work that they did not finish in a lesson when the expectation was that they should have been able to finish it but lack of focus or effort meant that they did not. Equally, where there are concerns about a student’s progress, intervention work to be completed at home will be given and the expectation is that this will be completed by the deadline set.

Find below a parent guide to home learning in Discovery School, distributed to all Y7 and 8 parents in March, 2017.

Home Learning in Discovery School



Year 7 Term 3 Enrichment Projects

Year 8 Term 3 Enrichment Projects