Subject: Geography Head of Department: Liz Taplin
Exam board: AQA

Syllabus code and title: 8035, GCSE Geography


Autumn Term (term 1 and 2) Y9 – Natural Hazards

Spring Term (term 3 and 4) Y9 – Physical Landscapes in the UK

Summer Term (term 5 and 6) Y9 – Urban Issues


Autumn Term (term 1 and 2)  Y10 – Changing Economic World

Spring Term (term 3 and 4)  Y10 – The Living World

Summer Term  (term 5 and 6) Y10 – Resource Management


Autumn Term (term 1 and 2)  Y11 – Fieldwork

Spring Term (term 3 and 4)  Y11 – Issues Evaluation

Summer Term  (term 5 and 6) Y11 – Geographical Skills

How we assess students:

Through use of past exam papers at the end of each module, PEE paragraphs and work completed in lessons and as HWK

How homework is set:

HWK is set based on when is appropriate

HWK will often be research based or exam question based

HWK is set on SLG

How parents/carers can support their child:

By asking the students what they have been studying in Geography and how they feel this relates to the world around them.

Useful links:

Reading list: