Government & Politics


Government and Politics

Head of Department:

Liz Taplin

Exam board, syllabus code and title: 

Edexcel Government and Politics (8GP01 / 9GP01)


Autumn Term (term 1 and 2) Y12   – Unit 1: Democracy and Party Policies and Ideas / Unit 2: Constitution and Parliament

Spring Term (term 3 and 4) Y12   – Unit 1: Elections and Pressure Groups / Unit 2: Prime Minister & Cabinet and Judges &Civil Liberties

Summer Term (term 5 and 6) Y12  – Unit 3b: Introduction to Political Ideologies / Unit 4c: US Constitution

Autumn Term (term 1 and 2)  Y13  – Unit 3b: Liberalism and Anarchism / Unit 4c: Congress and Presidency  

Spring Term (term 3 and 4)  Y13  – Unit 3b: Socialism and Conservatism / Unit 4c: Supreme Court

Summer Term  (term 5 and 6) Y13  – Revision for exams and exam technique

How we assess students: 

Through end of module mock exams, through informal mock weeks, through exam based HWK tasks

How homework is set: 

ON SLG and use of Google Classroom: exam based or research based

How parents/carers can support their child:

By encouraging independent research and reading on the topics being studied, by encouraging students to watch the news and discuss current affairs relating to party politics

Useful links:

Reading list   

Textbook: Government and Politics for AS (Neil McNaughton) ISBN: 978-1-4441-7880-7

Textbook: Government and Politics for A2 – Ideologies (Neil McNaughton) ISBN: 978-0-340-98737-7