New Award for Community Spirit!

image1After our recent request to hear from ex-students, Simon Bowden got in touch. We are extremely grateful for Simon’s input as already he has helped us to see further ways in which we can encourage our students to interact positively within our community. Simon has created a new challenge for students in order to promote community spirit.

“I have been a police officer for 29 years. I was the Commander at Bracknell Forest from 2007 to 2013, and have seen some wonderful community work carried out by young and old.

It struck me that my old school, that used to be on two sites straddling Bracknell and Wokingham, represents a large proportion of the youth in the area, and that there will no doubt be a number of you that are engaged in community work of all kinds, in the local area.  I believe that it is hugely important in modern society, to recognise social achievements as well as academic ones.  So, I decided to ask Easthampstead Park Community School to make an annual award to recognise ‘Community Contribution’, and highlight the importance of being a good citizen, for the good of others.

I hope to be able to come along and meet the winner each year, and continue a relationship with a school that provided me, and later my brother, with the foundation to our education.  It enabled me to forge a career as a senior police officer in Thames Valley Police, and complete a Masters Degree at Cambridge University, none of which would mean a thing without an underlying sense of community service, and applying what I have learnt for the good of others.”

This award is not for academic achievement, but community spirit and service to others. We hope that all students consider ways in which they could show that they deserve this award annually.