Healthreach in half term

If you’re in Years 9 or 10 and are interested in a career within healthcare, then the University of Reading have the perfect session for you to attend over the half term break. The University will provide seminars on pharmacy, cardiology and psychology, with a talk about ethics and the opportunity to ask questions about the courses offered.

The session is entirely free and simply requires students to take along a packed lunch. The session runs from 9am-2pm on Tuesday 29th May. You must sign up in advance. You can use the link here:


Mock Trial Team Do EPCS Proud!

Having swept to success in the first round, Easthampstead Park Community School’s Mock Trial team competed in the Regional Final of the Magistrates Competition on Saturday morning at Reading Crown Court in an attempt to reach the National Final in Birmingham in June.
We were drawn against National champions, Ranelagh, and the eventual competition winners, The Holt, so the opponents could not have been tougher. Our students competed brilliantly and gave the other teams challenging questions and responded well under great pressure in cross examination.
Unfortunately we didn’t make the top 3 so won’t be in the final but the students did the school proud and have learned invaluable skills and gained enormous confidence from such an experience. Thank you to staff and to the families who came in great number to support, and to Mr Blay for providing this fantastic opportunity for our students.

Y11 Maths revision support

Dear Y11 parents,
Below is the Y11 GCSE Maths support and countdown calendar. As we count down to the 3 exam papers in GCSE Maths, we have decided to increase the number of sessions before, during and after school so that students can come to Maths to get the support they need.
The sessions include:
  • morning 8.00am open doors
  • after school ‘Maths gym’ from 3.10-4.00pm
  • pre- exam workshops
  • normal lesson times
  • practice papers on the school website
This is a follow up from the recent letter I sent to you and so I hope that students are doing their part at home as advised on this attachment and in that letter.
Students have been given a copy of this calendar, during their English lessons today (yellow).
If you have any questions, please contact me.
Kind regards
Ms Devine
Head of Mathematics

We are South East Regional Winners…again!

Our Bike It Crew worked tirelessly for two whole weeks trying to promote safe and sustainable travel to school. The Bike It Crew provided students with an assembly on safety tips, how to complete an ‘M’ check and gave reasons as to why sustainable methods of transport are crucial in reducing your carbon footprint. The students did a fantastic job of sharing their passion for cycling with others and as a result, our number of students cycling to school increased significantly. Over the course of The Big Pedal competition we did have some beautiful sunny weather which no doubt contributed to our great score too – we ended up being South East Regional Winners and overall we came 7th nationally! Well done to everyone involved!

Over the next week, winners of the daily competitions we ran during The Big Pedal will also be shared. The Bike It Crew created 10 fabulous competitions for all of our Discovery students to enter, including a wordsearch, hangman, a spot the difference, a debate and a quiz. They also shared this fantastic video on how to check your bike is safe to ride:

The big competition, where students could win a goodie bag that included a set of lights, a backpack, waterproof backpack cover, new bell and snap band, remains open until the last day of term. The competition was to ‘create a bike of the future’. All entries must be posted in the finance post box on the Maths corridor, or handed to Mrs Thornton. The winner will be announced after half term. Good luck!

May the 4th – Star Wars Numeracy Day

On Friday 4th May, Mr Jones and the Maths department took the opportunity of being creative with the calendar and making a link between the significance of May the 4th and Star Wars (‘may the force’). Every seeking to draw attention to number fun, the Maths team and other departments such as English, really got into the spirit of the day by dressing up in Star Wars fancy dress. Our whole school aim was to input a Star Wars themed numeracy challenge into each subject area.
In Maths the students in Year 7 had to downsize planets from the Star Wars universe and make the Star Wars galaxy using differently sized balls. Year 8 made probability games using Star Wars themed games. A variety of Star Wars themed worksheets were created for various topics and students created their own Star Wars Top Trumps too! In Design and Technology, students considered the importance of measurements when creating Star Wars themed greeting cards, whilst Venn Diagrams and characterisation using a range of Star Wars icons, went on in English.
Thank you to all who got involved either with dressing up or planning linked activities in order to further raise the profile of numeracy across the school.

Hot weather arrangements

Just to let you all know our policies for the hot weather so we can all enjoy our unexpected hot spell.
Students are expected to have a water bottle that has been filled before arriving at school please ensure if your child is susceptible to sunburn that they have applied sunscreen.
During the day
Students can collect drinking water during break and lunchtime filling up water bottles brought from home. Staff have been requested to not let students out of lessons to get a drink of water unless of course staff determine it is in the child’s best interests. If they are concerned about any child they should send the child to welfare to be checked.
Site staff are providing additional drinking water in the quad for all students to fill up bottles if necessary.
Today blazers and ties are stood down for students and staff
Sunglasses and sunhats are permitted at break and lunch but not during lesson time. Students shouldn’t attempt to openly sunbathe as we can’t confirm they have applied the necessary sunscreen.
Students are not to engage in water fights, it causes upset as actions are misinterpreted, wet students are not fit and in the right mindset to attend lessons as they are wet and uncomfortable.  It is also a poor use of site staffs time providing additional water if students chose to waste the water in this way.
Students who ignore this instruction run the risk of being identified and removed from circulation during breaks and lunch times
Finally a reminder that shorts are currently not a part of our school uniform policy nor are flip-flops or strappy sandals. Trainers, as usual, are not allowed.
Thanks as ever for your support
Liz Cook

Year 9 and 10 Pre Public Exams May 2018

Dear Parents/Carers

Year 9 and 10 Pre Public Exams June 2018

I am writing to inform you of the arrangements for the examinations that are scheduled for next week. These examinations are designed to support students in preparing for success in external examinations at the end of Y11, so it is very important that they are taken seriously.

Exams may have changed since we as adults sat ours so it’s important you know and can explain to your child what is expected of them and why

Why do the students participate in written exams?

The staff use the examination experience to give students an insight as to how the final examinations in Year 11 will work. Practice in the same conditions and timeframe has been shown to ease students concerns and demonstrate what they might be capable of. The results of the exams are used to match against staff predictions for the result your child is capable of. Normally we use a combination of internal assessments, bookwork, contribution in class and attitude to learning to determine a predicted grade. These are shared with you at parent’s evenings and through the 3 data drops, we provide. In the terminal exam process, this prediction is tested. Finally, the exam papers are reviewed by staff to gauge how well students have understood a topic and what gaps might remain to be retaught or further explained. This supports classwork and teachers planning.

Modelling the real process and expectations for students

We expect every student to be in full school uniform (trainers are not permitted in the examination rooms)

Your child needs to have a clear pencil case with the correct equipment for all exams, including:

  • Black pens*
·         Pencils
  • Eraser
·         Ruler
  • Protractor
·         Set of compasses
  • Highlighters
·         Calculator
  • Sharpener
Some subjects may request additions to this list


Key points to cover with your child.

  • Students are allowed to take in a water bottle providing it has the label removed and there is no writing or logo on it. (This complies with JCQ rules)
  • All students will be expected to line up outside the sports hall 10 minutes before the exam starts.  (there is a system of lates but students in school have no reason to not be punctual)
  • All students will write in *black pen as this is now an exam requirement for all written papers (and it would be sensible to have several spare pens).
  • All mobile phones must be handed in before the exam and collected after the exam. This aspect may be tested using a wand device and students blatantly not following the rules will be sanctioned. In the real GCSEs, this will result in the paper being voided and a recharge fee made to the parents.
  • Students suffering from hay fever may have an opened pack of tissues in a clear plastic bag to be shown to the invigilator and kept next to their desk
  • During these exams, the school will be using external invigilators as we would during the real GCSEs.  This is a cost to the school and the invigilators are the trained staff we use for our A ‘Level and GCSE cohorts. The invigilating staff expect the conduct of students to be exemplary and follow respect and pride, the use of any inappropriate language will be sanctioned.
  • The regulations and our expectations are made very clear to the students at the start of every exam. Communication or disruption in public examinations results in disqualification for that paper and potentially for all exams sat during the same exam season.  We take any student behaviour that infringes exam guidelines very seriously as we know if they are allowed to get away with it then they risk being sanctioned by having their papers voided in the real exam.
  • Rude comments or inappropriate written responses may lead to sanction as this type of behaviour can lead to a student’s paper being voided by the exam board.

All students have been spoken to about our expectations of their behaviour during these exams and I hope that they will demonstrate a high level of maturity and understand how serious this is. If any student fails to engage during a written exam, for example not showing expected effort, they will be required to re-sit the exam paper that Friday during a 90 minute Head teacher’s detention. If this is the case I will express my concern that the student has not been completing the required revision and home study expected of them so please do monitor really closely what preparation they are doing outside of class.

I would like to thank you for your support with your child’s exams and Mr Puttick and I wish your child the best of luck. I am expecting that the results should show a real picture of your child’s capabilities as they have participated well and taken their revision seriously. Should you have any questions, Mr Puttick as their HOY and Destiny lead has requested that you contact him on 01344 390882.

Liz Cook







Year 7 Parents Evening – Wednesday 18th May

The system is now live for parents of year 7 students to make appointments for Parents Evening.

If your child has a teacher for more than one subject, please only make one appointment with that teacher who will cover both subjects.

If you are unable to make appointments please contact Mrs Woodgate who will be able to make them on your behalf 01344 390837

In just over a week’s time, the summer exams start for GCSEs, AS and A levels. Over a million students will sit thousands of different exams in schools and colleges around the country. Around 60,000 examiners and moderators will then mark and moderate the work and approximately 8 million results will be issued in August. There are also exams in Applied Generals, Tech Levels and many other qualifications. And national assessments are also taking place in primary schools.

There are many thousands of individuals making sure the summer is as successful as it can be. Students (and their parents), teachers, exams officers, invigilators to name but a few. Each and everyone plays their part in making sure the summer runs smoothly. Many of the issues that we deal with are caused by minor mistakes or slips, but they can have far-reaching consequences for the students that are affected.


Did you know that it’s malpractice just to take your phone (or any smart device) into the exam room? Even if it’s switched off and in your pocket, it’s against the rules and you could be disqualified. The exams officer or invigilator will tell you where to put your phone – please make sure you follow their instructions.

It might seem funny at the time, but did you also realise that writing swear words or rude comments in your answer booklet could mean you get no marks for that paper? Last year over 300 students gave themselves a much lower grade by doing this.

Parents can we ask you to make sure your child fully understands the rules laid out by exam boards and follows them to the letter.

Bracknell Samaritans Charity Run

We are very honored to be hosting the Samaritans Bracknell 10k and 5K Charity runs. This event proved to be a massive success last year, and took place in glorious June sunshine with the school being brilliantly represented by students, staff and parents.

We see it as a great privilege to continue to work and partner with the Samaritans, and the great support they give to our community. Please join us in signing up for one of the runs on June 30th to help raise funds and awareness.

Download (PDF, 1.02MB)