Women In Business event June 2017

Year 10 Business Studies students represented the school admirably on their visit to the Fujitsu offices in Bracknell. The students were able to talk to women about their jobs and career pathways, and students found the morning engaging with overwhelmingly positive feedback.

‘I liked the way it made me think about my future and working at Fujitsu.’

‘Really interesting and reassured me about future opportunities.’

‘Highly enjoyable and motivating’

‘Great experience, I learnt about employment opportunities.’

‘Everyone was so approachable, welcoming, friendly and easy to talk to.’

The staff at Fujitsu fed back really positive comments about their engagement with our students, saying they ‘thoroughly enjoyed the event and it was a pleasure meeting and interacting with students on the day.’

As a school we are continuing to build strong links with a range of companies within the Bracknell and Reading area, as we continue our commitment to building and developing our students’ aspirations for their future.

ParentPay – error resolved

We are pleased to confirm that the recent error message appearing on ParentPay has been resolved; parents should now be able to access and pay for items on ParentPay as normal.
For the Thorpe Park trip, please ensure you select the correct option for your child – if they do not have a Merlin pass you should select the travel and ticket option.
** Merlin passes must be brought in by your child on 6 July.

Electrical and maintenance work in school

Please note that all practical lessons in Food will have to be cancelled next week due to maintenance and electrical work in the classrooms. Please will all students due to do practical lessons check their google classroom information for further details.

Discovery exams (Y7 and Y8)

All students are being prepared for their end of year exams which start next week. The exam timetable can be found under the Examinations tab on the website. Lessons are being geared to revision to aid success in the exams and students have also been given home learning to support their classroom learning.

Below is a breakdown of topics students should be revising to be successful in their end of year exams. This can aid you when they claim they have no revision to do or are not sure what is expected of them! These exams are important as their results may impact on how well they graduate from Discovery to Destiny school in the summer. We wish all students the best of luck with their exams and thank you for your continued support.

Y7 revision guide

Download (PDF, 90KB)

Y7 Science PLC

Download (DOCX, 146KB)

Y8 revision guide

Download (PDF, 102KB)

Y8 Science PLC

Download (DOCX, 145KB)

Blazer stand down day

Due to the expected temperature on Wednesday, we have designated the day as a ‘blazer stand down’ day. This means that students will not be expected to have their blazers with them in school. They should not bring an alternative to their blazer; hoodies, sweatshirts and jackets are not an acceptable replacement and students should continue to wear their blazer if they wish to have another layer over their shirt or polo shirt

Y11 GCSE Maths Practice Paper 3

Below are the predicted practice papers to support students with revision for their third and final GCSE Maths exam on Tues 13th June at 9am.

There is a paper to print and complete, worked solutions and an examiner’s mark-scheme to help students self assess and narrow down their areas of weakness. This is a really good way to see how the method marks are allocated and to help students see how to show their workings to optimise their marks out of 80.

It is important that to appreciate that anything can come up on the third exam so it is important that students revise other parts of the Maths course too. In other words, doing this exam paper is just a start to help students see what else they need to work on in more detail using www.mymaths.co.uk, their books, past papers etc.

The third of our revision workshops is taking place on Mon 12th June periods 3-5. Well done to all Y11 students for their hard work and commitment so far.

Good luck with your revision!

Ms Devine and the Maths Team.

PiXL Predicted Edexcel 3F Mark scheme

PiXL Predicted Edexcel 3F Question Paper

PiXL Predicted Edexcel 3F Worked Solutions

PiXL Predicted Edexcel 3H Mark Scheme

PiXL Predicted Edexcel 3H Question Paper

PiXL Predicted Edexcel 3H Worked Solutions

Brymor Construction gave Year 10 students the opportunity to look at how Coral Reef is developing.  The students underwent safety training before being escorted around the site to get a first hand view on how the construction industry works.



This was an excellent experience which the students really enjoyed, and is part of our commitment to give our students a broad understanding of work pathways and opportunities available in the local area.

Team EP running the Bracknell Samaritans 5k and 10k

A brave collection of staff members have come together to take part in the Samaritans run which takes place on 1st July on the school’s playing fields.



This group of highly trained athletes (!) will be taking part in both races and are looking forward to representing the school and the community in such a worthwhile event. We look forward to seeing you there, running with us or cheering us on!

EP Alumni enjoying great success

Congratulations to ex EP student, Charlotte Sharland, who was recently crowned Miss Teen Bracknell and is now through to the finals of the Miss Teen British Isles competition.

It has been all go for Charlotte since she sat her A Level examinations last summer! She has been filming Hello Au Revoir, a movie that will be released in the New Year; two series that will be shown next year on Netflix and Channel 4;  whilst also appearing in numerous theatrical roles. On top of this, she has recently recorded a number of songs with her brother and fellow ex-EP Student, Alan (of the band The Hoosiers) for an upcoming children’s literacy programme.

We wish Charlotte every success in her upcoming competition and the releases of her movie and series.

Summer exam timetables

The schedules for the summer exams are now available under the Examinations tab.

Students are being given revision topics and there is always homework to be done now in preparation for these exams.