Request from our Local Community Police Team

Police have been made aware of a photograph of a local male (Great Hollands) that is being circulated on Facebook and has a caption accusing him of being a Paedophile. This man and his family have also become the target of criminal damage and threatening behaviour by local youths and parents. The Police have looked into this and there are no concerns regarding this man and it has been established that he is, in fact, himself vulnerable. The Police would like to remind our communities that if you have concerns about an individual that the appropriate course of action is to contact the Police and not to take matters into your own hands. Damage and violence will not be tolerated and if the persons responsible for targeting this family are identified then they will be spoken to. As parents, it is important that you teach your children the appropriate way to deal with issues and who to contact for help and it your responsibility to set a good example for them.