TLC day – 22nd April 9am-12pm

Calling all parents, students and members of the community who would like to support us – we are hosting a TLC day on Saturday 22nd April from 9am to 12pm! This is our first TLC event and it would be great to see as much support as possible – after all, many hands make light work!

The aim of the 3 hours is to improve one or more areas of the school site. As you are probably aware, all schools are struggling financially at the moment, but we don’t want our school to look messy or for any areas to fall into disrepair. With the help of our community and parents, we hope that with a little elbow grease, we could really make a difference to some of the common use areas of the school.

If you are at all interested in supporting our TLC event, please do get in touch with There will of course be tea, coffee and snacks provided for all helpers –  we wouldn’t want to be short of sustenance! Thank you in advance for your time and effort – we will be sure to post pictures of any improvements made!