Arrangements for school tomorrow – school will be open

Arrangements for school tomorrow school will be open please check the information below

Some staff and students will be travelling distances tomorrow to get to work and in response to the media warnings of significant traffic disruption; in order for them to arrive safely, we will delay the start of formal teaching until 9.30. Dependent on the conditions we may have to use a number of supply teachers if staff are unable to travel. Staff briefing will take place at 8.45 so we can check staffing.

The school will be open as normal although students need to be careful when moving around the site. They should not participate in snow fights either on site or on the way to school as they will get thoroughly wet and we won’t send them home. The Dining Hall will open longer in support of students closing service at 9 am. Hot drinks and hot breakfast options will be available. Your child can travel to school as normal.

Students will register formally in tutor bases at 9.15 (A late mark will be recorded if arrival is past this time) and then travel to subject lessons ready to start learning at 9.30. The rest of the day should run normally unless there is a significant worsening of the weather.

The schools heating system works well and there is no expectation that children can wear coats in lessons. School shoes should provide adequate protection but if you are concerned wellington boots or hiking style boots can be worn not training shoes.

Please check your child has a jumper or cardigan available as an exception I will allow jumpers to be worn over their shirts and under the school blazer of any colour tomorrow. This does not include hoodies or sweatshirts of any description. Please ensure your child has a suitable outdoor coat and a fully charged phone for the journey home (the school does not provide charging facilities)

My thanks to the site team who have worked over the weekend and will continue to support the site despite the challenges of the weather. I hope to see everyone arrive safely tomorrow Liz Cook