Y8 Students review Ali Sparkes author event

A group of Year 8 students recently attended the Berkshire Book Award 2018 Launch at The Reading School to see author Ali Sparkes. Ali is a very popular author of young adult fiction whose titles include Shapeshifter: Finding The Fox, Unleashed: A Life & Death Job, Unleashed: Mind Over Matter, Wishful Thinking, Destination Earth and Car-Jacked.

Ali gave a very animated, entertaining performance, covering her childhood ambitions to be a ”world famous actor and dancer” and how she struggled to learn to read until she found her “trapdoor into another world” through books. She started her career as a journalist with the local newspaper and through grit and determination progressed into radio work with the BBC. After having many books rejected she was finally successful and her strong message was to never give up, believe in yourself and to try, try again!

Our students thoroughly enjoyed this event and engaged well with the author and the many students attending from other schools.  Find below some reviews our students have written about the event.


I loved the author event we attended yesterday,it was full of excitement and fun.The book I brought was so good I couldn’t put it down and so I finished it that night .The author was really fun and humorous and I loved how interactive it was. Her talk was both creative,fun and informational about many things including our current future.I also like how we had our picture with her and that when we got our books signed it was personal.It was also nice to be able to speak to her personally and ask her questions.I would be ecstatic if I was able to attend a trip like this again!”

Rhiannon Dower


I found the author event a very interesting and engaging thing to go to.It definitely surprised me with the author’s quick,witty humor and cheesy jokes.Her books were the top of the line that i read it in one night!I would love to come to one of these again for more inspiration as this one suddenly made want to pick a pen and start creatively writing again.”

Alisha Martin


“The enthusiastic story of Ali Sparkes’ determination, to become an author, was inspiring. The morale of her hard work and perseverance was that aspirations can be achieved if you keep trying.”

Dhevin Manoj, 8D5